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APRIL 2024

About Big Fish Creative

At Big Fish, we believe the heart and soul of who we are is driven by our purpose.


Beneath the layers of deadlines, storylines, and bottom lines, “thinking bigger to inspire others” is at the core of what we do and why we do it.

About BFC

The Right Team

As your agency of record, based in Guam,  will ensure that we deliver a creative package that is impactful, culturally centered, and can be embraced by the community. Being conceptual thinkers and technical wizards, we know how strategy, digital marketing, analytics, and insight can transform vision into reality.

Our team represents a range of experience in research, strategic planning, public relations and outreach, marketing and advertising services combined with cutting-edge creative and event planning support. In addition to our team of experts in the fishbowl, we have resources to assemble a unique blend of experienced professionals, event marketers and creative experts as needed to scale accordingly.

The dedication and experience of our team and vendor partners underscores our commitment to providing Docomo Pacific with responsive service and innovative creative solutions

The Team

Sharlene Deltang Guevara 
Operations Manager

Sharlene, as the Operations Manager at Team Big Fish, spearheads the daily operations and financial management of the firm. She collaborates closely with Jenevieve Ooka and Deanne Torre, the consulting managing partners, to ensure a seamless operation. With a keen understanding of the market landscape and an objective perspective, Sharlene adopts a win-win approach to client relationships, fostering balance and fairness. Her strength lies in building enduring relationships that extend far beyond the confines of a creative brief, bridging teams from clients and agencies alike.


Marisol Delin
Creative Director

Meet  Marisol, our Creative Director who brings a hands-on approach to every project, regardless of the industry. Marisol, affectionately known as "Mare," is deeply involved in every stage, working closely with our teams, clients, and creative partners to collaborate and shape ideas from inception to execution. With a wealth of experience in the creative field , Mare seamlessly combines technical expertise with a knack for innovation, guiding the team from concept to award-winning campaigns with unparalleled attention to detail. Mare's intimate involvement and technical prowess have earned her the nickname "magic" among the Fish team and clients alike. Join us as Mare works her magic, leading us from blank canvases to unforgettable, impactful campaigns that defy expectations.


San Nicolas

Senior Art Director

Meet Greg San Nicolas, our Senior Art Director, whose dedication to learning and problem-solving fuels creative solutions for our clients.  Staying ahead of trends and obsessing over industry best practices and digital innovations to enhance brand applications is highlighted in the depths of our portfolio. With a wealth of experience, Greg combines entrepreneurial savvy with a keen creative vision to develop strategies that stand out in a crowded market. Working alongside Oshay, our Graphic Designer, and Kateri Artero, our digital content creator, Greg fortifies our creative team, elevating ideas and best-in-industry  omni-channel campaign execution. Join us as Greg and our team bring innovative ideas to life and deliver exceptional results for our clients.



Senior Account Executive



Account Executive



Graphic Designer



Digital Content Creator



Account Manager



Administrative Assistant 



Managing Partner



Managing Partner



Principal & Consultant

Management Overview and Approach

Scope of Expertise: Account & Project Management, Advertising, Branding, PR and Outreach



Members of our team have worked on many projects that required a coordinated and collaborative approach in our scope of expertise including strategic project management, advertising, branding, PR and outreach. 


From our past experience, we bring these guidelines to our flexible and client-centric management approach and working relationship with our clients:


  • Clear identification of roles and accountabilities. 

  • Written agreement to key process steps and milestones. 

  • Frequent, systematic, and scheduled check-in points. 

  • Efficient leveraging of collaborative tools. 


In addition to using these guidelines, we have been very successful in working with multiple and diverse client stakeholders and partner agencies by maintaining, and asking collaborators to maintain, the right mindset and attitude. Specifically, we agree upfront to consistently demonstrate: 


  • An interest in, and respect for other perspectives and opinions. 

  • Open and frequent communication, including in-person meetings. 

  • Highly responsive approach to client service (within one business day). 

  • A flexible and adaptable attitude. 

  • A willingness to adjust process and roles, as needed, as the project unfolds. 

  • The right mix of tools for project management and implementation. 

  • Honesty, integrity, and a positive, “can-do” attitude.

Dedicated Point of Contact

To effectively and efficiently facilitate the creative and production process, we will assign a dedicated point of contact to this engagement: We will ensure that the project is clearly defined from the outset, that the project team is apprised of any changes to initial specifications, and that all required elements are completed at the end of the project. We will also ensure that project deliverables are on target, schedules are met, and budgets closely monitored. 


Following meetings with our client representatives, we will prepare contact reports/meeting summaries, an overview of what was discussed, and details regarding next steps to further ensure effective and timely internal communications. These notes will be distributed to the entire project team via the internal weekly progress report mechanism including but not limited to:


  • Assessing the feasibility of project.

  • Preparing and managing schedules.

  • Preparing and managing budgets.

  • Directing and managing the production of deliverables.

  • Coordinating efforts of all team members.

  • Liaising with client contact and complying with all requirements. 

  • Ensuring quality assurance and quality control on all contract deliverables. 

  • Conducting measurement and providing detailed reporting, per client requirements.

A Proven Framework 

All client accounts will be managed in accordance with our 9-Point Account and Project Management Framework. The following quality, schedule, and cost management controls are applied for every account and project we undertake. Our engagement with you will strictly adhere to this framework: 


  • Prepare a proposal that includes a preliminary project plan including scope, project budget, resources, deliverables, and schedule. 

  • Obtain written instructions to proceed and execute an approved contract. Obtain written sub-consultant agreements. 

  • Prepare a project plan (work back schedule) to an appropriate level of detail. 

  • Establish an electronic project directory and file project records accordingly (i.e., secure file repository). 

  • Monitor the project or account online Hub on a regular basis. Follow best practices for managing project financials, including time changes, work in progress (WIP), accounts receivable (AR), and estimates to complete (ETC). 

  • Obtain written approval on scope of service changes in a timely manner. 

  • Conduct and document a quality review of all final deliverables prior to issue including any PR/media advances or releases. 

  • Conduct and document an independent review of all external and internal deliverables prior to issue. 

  • Close the project financials and close out the project files following the end of engagement. 

Detailed Methodology

Our project management methodology includes the following phases: 


  • Phase One: Introduction: Within one week of the contract date, we will conduct a introductory meeting to set strategic goals, objectives, and priorities of the project; understand the approval process and working-style of the Consumer Business Unit; and cover all other Client/project needs and expectations.

  • Phase Two: Planning and Discovery: Following the introductory meeting, we will develop a detailed project brief, timeline, and budget to ensure all requirements are appropriately captured and that our team has the relevant information required to ensure project success. Our team will then obtain approval and sign-off on the project brief.

  • Phase Three: Execution: Following approval of the project brief, our team will proceed with the execution of the Scope of Work (SOW), per the detailed work plan and timeline. At this stage, we refine our approach to align closely with the core objectives of the project, integrating the information we received at the introductory meeting.

  • Phase Four: Delivery and Reporting: All final deliverables will meet the technical requirements of the project, will pass through our comprehensive quality control process and will be delivered - on time - in the format specified by the SOW detailed by Docomo Pacific. Files will be delivered through both email and print, a download link or transferred onto a storage device, depending on your preference. All project financials and project files will be closed per reporting requirements following the end of the engagement.


The timeline of a project is based upon approval of concept strategy.

7-10 DAYS Graphic Design support that does not require strategy, outside photography service.
4-8 WEEKS Integrated Campaign, Commercial Video Production

Client Portfolio

Big Fish currently manages a diverse portfolio of local and regional brands in top industries in finance, telecom, travel, and tourism.



Projects of Similar Scope

Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 3.16.58 PM.png

Client: The Bureau takes pride in promoting and developing Guam as as safe and satisfying destination for visitors and derive maximum benefits for the people of Guam.

Assignment: Encourage Guam residents to ‘buy local’ and to support local businesses who are embracing our island’s culture language and improving Guam’s product. Align with GVB membership database to acquire local rate offers to island residents. Onboard new members and manage POS merchandising. Conversion of non-GVB members.


Relevance: Merchant acquisition for partnerships and POS merchandising


Examples:  Program Merchant Sales Kit, Table-Top, Roll-up Banners, Menu card inserts

Client: The People’s Bank, a fully service and local financial institution built on legacy and Family culture, offering expert advice and personalized services while strengthening our community for the past 50 years.

Assignment: Refresh advertising and promotional materials to support objective to increase usage for existing Visa account holders as well as encourage new Visa card customer acquisition. The program communication plan included mass marketing, direct mail and in bank collateral. 


Relevance: Merchant partnership and cross promotion


Application:  Develop advertising, media plan, liaise with partner for campaign requirements and execution.


Award Winning
Annual Reports

MarCom excellence in marketing and communication


Client: Citibank - full service financial institution offering products and service to Guam market. 

Assignment: Align with marketing department to understand goals and objectives to increase usage of Citibank Visa cardholders and acquire new customers. Our solution included developing a partnership with Guam’s largest movie house, creative execution of all advertising material and media, public relations and on site merchandising program.  


Relevance: Assigned to understand the on-site customer experience both in branch and theatre customers, create and execute all merchandising material for internal and external customer journey.


Examples: Theatre banners, table-top point of sale, door and box office decals, employee tee shirts, oversized standee. 





Client: Docomo Pacific

Assignment: Design the logo and establish brand guidelines for Docomo Pacific's Enterprise Business Unit (EBU). DPAC is primarily known as a consumer brand. By aligning the EBU's identity with Docomo Pacific's overall branding while also distinguishing it in the market, we're not just designing a logo, but shaping the unit's market positioning and identity.


Relevance: Through strategic branding and messaging consultation, we ensure the EBU's identity resonates with enterprise clients while leveraging Docomo Pacific's established reputation. By effectively communicating the EBU's value proposition, we aim to drive connectivity and growth for enterprise clients while contributing to Docomo Pacific's continued success in both consumer and enterprise telecommunications sectors.


Examples: Brand Guidelines, includes print, digital/social, below-the-line advertising.  


Build the logo


just like Mom

Client: Docomo Pacific CNMI

Assignment: Effectively highlight the unique features of the iPhone 12 available on Docomo Pacific's network, tailored specifically for Mother's Day promotions. Craft messaging that resonates with value-conscious consumers, emphasizing the device's benefits while maintaining the premium image of Docomo Pacific.

Relevance: Ensuring that the promotion of the iPhone 12 on Docomo Pacific's network during Mother's Day effectively communicates its key differentiators. Through thoughtful design and messaging, we aim to capitalize on the occasion of Mother's Day to strengthen customer engagement and loyalty, further solidifying Docomo Pacific's position as a leading provider of premium telecommunications solutions.


Examples: Print Ads, Social Media, Poster & Flyer, Web Banners

Client: Local Telecom, former Government of Guam agency transitioned to private ownership offering telecom and digital services to residential and business enterprise customers.

Assignment: Pre-Paid initiative included Comprehensive development of Product launch; name and branding, strategic planning, creative development, merchandising, merchant program recommendations and integrated marketing plan.

Fiber to the Neighborhood campaign objective was to communicate service improvement and offering within specific villages. Tasks included Strategic planning, event recommendations, local influencer acquisition, design and development for various out of home applications.

Relevance: Work included full service approach; comprehensive planning and execution for both assignments  


Client: Guam Power Authority (GPA) is Guam’s primary provider of electric generation, transmission, and distribution services. Operating as a publicly owned utility, GPA operates independently from government subsidies, relying solely on rates for revenue. Governed by the Consolidated Commission on Utilities (CCU) and regulated by the Guam Public Utilities Commission (GPUC), GPA has been serving Guam for over 55 years.


Assignment: Our task was to develop a comprehensive customer engagement strategy based on research data to support the implementation of GPA's customer service modernization plan. The objective of the plan was to cultivate a culture of service excellence, establish a roadmap for adopting modern service tools, and integrate resources to enhance the overall customer experience.


Relevance: We tailored customer engagement and service activities to align closely with the needs of GPA's customer base. Our activities included developing and disseminating targeted communications through an omnichannel approach, crafting a strategic framework for public relations and media engagement, leveraging social media to improve customer communication, supporting community outreach programs to support the customer engagement strategy, creating engaging materials for customer communication, and implementing tools to measure customer engagement.


GPA embarked on a website redesign that would enhance their online presence with a focus on user experience and accessibility, as well as incorporate a repository for regulatory requirements. Using a phased approach, the user-friendly platform provides easy access to important information for customers and portals to online tools. Modern design elements, intuitive navigation features, and responsive layouts were incorporated to improve the customer experience.

Social Media

Web Redesign

Employing a strategic approach, we developed a targeted social media strategy for GPA that focused on addressing areas of vulnerability. One of our key objectives was to convert more of GPA's customer engagement to a digital platform by leveraging social media. Content buckets were tailored to GPA's specific needs, including expanded customer service channels and energy conservation initiatives.

  • YouTube

5 second bumper ad



 APPA’s Excellence in Public Power Communication 2023

  • The Award of Merit for Web/Social Media for communications through its website and social media channels.

  • The Award of Merit in the Print/Digital category for its November 2022 monthly newsletter.


APPA’s Excellence in Public Power Communication 2022

  • Award of Merit in the print and digital category for its Customer Service Directory

  • Award of Excellence in the video category for its Clean Energy Master Plan animated video.


Client: A.B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam, continues its mission to ensure the safety and security of the traveling public, and is dedicated to maintaining a superior and reliable level of airport services for our island residents and tourists. The Airport is committed to supporting the development of air linkages and facilities which are integral parts of the island’s future economic growth.


Assignment: The scope of work included branding, event management and the coordinating event sponsorships for the Aerodrome Certification Workshop. In collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration, the A.B. Won Pat International Airport hosted federal and regional players, wherein participants engage in discussions and shared best practices for the aviation industry.


Relevance: Expanding outreach to participants across the globe through the use of newer technologies and best practices for event management and audio/visual presentations enhanced the Airport’s role as the regional leader in aviation practices, a hub for innovation and as a key player in Guam’s economic growth beyond our borders.


Let's think bigger together.

Si Yu'os Ma'åse'.

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