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At Big Fish, we believe the heart and soul of who we are is driven by our purpose. Beneath the layers of deadlines, storylines, and bottom lines, “thinking bigger to inspire others” is at the core of what we do and why we do it. 

Owned and managed on Guam, Big Fish Creative specializes in creative brand strategy and advertising. Established in 1999 and celebrating over 20 years in business, the Big Fish team is focused on results-driven creative solutions that inspire our clients and our community to think bigger to inspire change. 


Our team represents a range of experience in strategic planning, research, public relations, marketing, and advertising services combined with cutting-edge creative and event planning support. We have assembled a unique blend of experienced event marketers, creative and cultural experts of the region, strategic planners,and public relations professionals. The dedication and experience of this robust team of local professionals underscore our commitment to providing our clients with responsive service and creative solutions that are on point and on budget.

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