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LIFE Teen Expo


November 2018


Lasting change requires collaboration. The Bank activated various stakeholders of the teen population to understand the opportunities identified from the 2017 LIFE Teen Expo, the first ‘for teens, by teens’ event on island. Opportunities include the ever-growing number of teen participants, the urgency to integrate environmental sustainability initiatives, and continued mission to equip the high school population for the life ahead. Bank of Guam recognizes its active role in the communities it serves and the importance of collaboration in creating resources to prosper.


The Approach was simple: listen, assess, ideate, and execute. The Bank together with Big Fish Creative activated various listening initiatives including an after-action evaluation, focus groups, and giving the teen volunteers a resounding voice in the planning of the event. The team assessed the information and insights from the select high school population to fuel the ideation process. With sustainability as our cornerstone theme for LIFE Teen Expo 2018, the team then implemented its Ideation process. In doing so, the team gave the emerging population seats at the table with a promise of turning their ideas into reality.



The 2018 LIFE Teen Expo was a resounding success, with close to 4,500 teen participation and over 100 teen volunteers. With this 12% increase in attendance from the previous year, the Bank and Big Fish Creative identified a larger venue which was Guam Museum, Guam Congress Building and Skinner Plaza. On its second year, the LIFE Teen Expo featured a sustainability zone, teen sustainability project competition, while championing a plastic-free event among others. As a result, the 2019 Asian Banking and Finance Retail Banking Awards lauded the Bank of Guam for its high school financial literacy programs and the 2018 LIFE Teen Expo. The Bank was awarded the bronze for the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year.

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